3D printing and accelerators to improve chemical production



About the research 

Real almonds are expensive. That's why products such as marzipan are sometimes made with synthetic almond flavour. For this, two elements are important: a reactor in which to make these synthetic almond molecules and a catalyst to speed up the chemical reaction. Chemical engineer & marzipan lover Clement Jacquot (VITO - UC London) tells you more about his clever idea to produce more of this synthetic almond flavour, in a much faster way!

New materials
Clement Jacquot

Clément Jacquot is a 27 years old French Chemical Engineer. He graduated as a Master in Chemical Process at ENSIC Nancy and in Inorganic Chemistry at UCT Prague. Clément is currently a PhD Student at VITO (Flemish Institute for Technological Research) & UCL (University College London). He specializes in chemical engineering, catalysis, and 3D printing, which lead him to research 3D-microstructured reactors for organic chemical production. When he's not doing research, Clément gives in to his other passions: sports, traveling, history, and cooking.

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