The design of safe, cheap and potent vaccines

Many vaccines need to be stored in refrigerators, which can be challenging in warmer and low income countries. That's why Dieudonné Buh Kum and his colleagues at KU Leuven are developing new, cheaper & more stable vaccines that will help save more lives.
Dieudonné Buh Kum
KU Leuven

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Soot: the invisible culprit

Hannelore Bové developed a new technique that allows for the first time to detect and count the number of soot particles a person has in his or her body. This is an important step in order to determine the precise impact of soot on our health.

Flatworms help track down carcinogens!

Every year, many mice are sacrificed for science. These animals are used, among other things, to test whether certain substances are carcinogenic. Jan-Pieter Ploem is working on a new test method that uses flatworms, that will hopefully help save a lot of mice.

Is temporary work workable?

For her PhD Kim Bosmans researched the impact of flexible work on the mental well-being of employees.
KU Leuven

How to get your school moving

Children should exercise about 60 minutes a day, but figures show that children in Belgium do not meet that standard. Rosalie Coolkens wants to use schools to help children reach that recommended hour of exercise.

Alzheimer's disease: forget about it?

What is the link between a bucket of water and Alzheimer's disease? Dean Paes (Hasselt University & Maastricht University) will tell you all about it, as well as explain why he is looking for a molecular cork.
KU Leuven

From green water to green raw material!

An Verfaillie (KULAK) is developing a technique for harvesting microalgae. Because those algae could well become the green raw material of the future!