Fresh green grass for our dairy cows

How can farmers feed their dairy cows fresh green grass without using kilos of fertilizer? šŸ® At ILVO, they are working on a new diet for cows, with clovers and narrow plantain on the menu alongside grass ā˜˜ļø Researcher Thijs Vanden Nest explains the benefits of sowing these plants.
Thijs Vanden Nest

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KU Leuven

Smart measurement of emissions in dairy barns

Milk is a source of many delicacies, such as cheese and ice cream. Unfortunately, milk also has a smell to it... Cows produce ammonia and methane through their breath and manure. These harmful gases are mainly released when cows are in their stables. In his Ph.D., Kobe Coorevits is looking for a way to accurately and affordably monitor the emission of these gases in dairy barns.
KU Leuven

A peek under the peel of a potato

Making fries is something we Belgians are already very good at that. But we can do even better, says Wout Vierbergen (ILVO - KU Leuven). He uses technology (Hyperspectral cameras! AI !) to detect black spots under the skin of a potato. In this way, he wants to help chip producers detect blistered potatoes so that they are left with only the finest ones to make our chips.

Innoveren in de kinderopvang: hoe gaat dat?!

Kinderbegeleiders hebben vaak goede ideeĆ«n over een andere indelingĀ van de speelruimte, een beter contact met de ouders of meer aandacht voor elk kind. Maar de tijd en ruimte om er echt mee aan de slag te gaan, die is er vaak niet. Of toch? Aan de Arteveldehogeschool ontwikkelden Thomas Thys en z'n collega's met Gokart een tool om innovatie in de kinderopvang te faciliteren.

Samen leren als schoolteam dankzij teamkracht

Zou het niet geweldig zijn om alle kennis en talenten in een schoolteam te benutten, samen te leren en zo de onderwijskwaliteit te verbeteren? Scholen doen nog te weinig aan zogenaamd 'teamleren', zo blijkt uit onderzoek van Lien Pattyn. Om schoolteams daarbij te helpen, ontwikkelde zij met haar collega's de tool 'Teamkracht'.

Exercise during and after cancer

Every year, as many as 70,000 people in Belgium are told they have cancer. Studies show that exercise during treatment has a beneficial effect on the quality of life of cancer patients. And yet 70% of them move a lot less after the diagnosis than before. With 'Moving Cancer Care', Dimitri Vrancken and his colleagues tackle these questions and offer tools to get cancer patients to exercise more.

How do you deal with problem behaviour at school?

Students constantly talking in class, making crazy noises or just walking around... Recognise this? As a teacher, it is often difficult to deal with problem behaviour in pupils. To support teachers in this, Julie D'haeyer and her colleagues developed 'Leerkracht Veerkracht' (Teacher Resilience). A programme that allows you, together with your school team, to look for a solution that works for your school.

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