Beating enzymes at chemical catalysis


About the research

To make the production of plastics and other chemical processes less energy-intensive and waste-producing, Max Bols (KU Leuven) turns to nature. Enzymes, the catalysts of living cells, hold the key to improve chemical processes, as he explains in this video. 

Max Bols
FWO - KU Leuven

For someone who as a kid would never believe you could make plastics out of messy gases and liquids, chemistry would’ve been too far of a stretch for Max Bols. A master in Bioscience engineering seemed an appropriate alternative to a binge-watch of ‘how it’s made’. Max then opted for a PhD in chemical catalysis at the Centre for Surface Science and Catalysis where he studies materials that help convert … gases to liquids. There he uses spectroscopy to look at what you cannot see and synthetic chemistry to make what you cannot touch.

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