The best adapted does not always survive


About the research

Once upon a time there were two types of cephalopods: the nautiluses and the ammonites. Although the ammonites were much better adapted, they became extinct. And the nautiluses? They're still swimming around today. Stijn Goolaerts studies fossils of these fascinating creatures and draws a wise lesson for mankind from the sad fate of the ammonites. Find out more in the video


Stijn Goolaerts

Stijn Goolaerts feels fortunate to be able to combine his fascination for ocean life, his passion for collecting and studying fossils and his love for being outside into his work as a professional geologist and paleontologist at the RBINS. He studies the evolutionary history of cephalopods like ammonites and nautiluses during major periods of evolutionary turnover and/or environmental change. He is also very interested in Belgian paleontological heritage.

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