Better storage leads to better apples


About the research

Have you ever eaten an apple that looked nice, felt nice, but didn't taste nice? This has to do with how this apple was stored. Did you know that, for us to be able to eat apples all year round, apples are stored in cool rooms for months? Karimi Solomon (KU Leuven - FWO) studies the aroma of apples, to see whether the apples are optimally being stored. 

Karimi Solomon
FWO - KU Leuven

Growing up in Kenia, Karimi Solomon had always had a curious mind about life processes and how things work. His inquisition let him naturally want a career in STEM. His current Ph.D. research at KU Leuven strengthens his enthusiasm for promoting sustainable food production and reducing food waste: his research is focused on maximally preserving the aroma quality of apple fruit using dynamic control atmosphere storage, as this can ensure increased consumer acceptance of the fruits and significant reduction in post-storage waste.

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