Can E-number hurt our bowels?

About the research

About the research

Emulsifiers are substances that help to mix two substances that are normally difficult or impossible to mix. These handy E-numbers can be found in many food products. But Lisa Miclotte (Universiteit Gent) has mixed feelings about emulsifiers, because they are potentially harmful to our health. That's why she is researching their impact on our intestinal flora and intestinal health.

Lisa Miclotte

Lisa Miclotte has been interested in science for as long as she can remember. After high school she went to study life sciences at UGent. During those studies she developed a great interest in everything that has to do with nutrition and health. This led her to a PhD research at the Centre for Microbial and Ecological Technology (Cmet) where she researches the impact of food emulsifiers on intestinal flora and intestinal health. 

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