The cell cycle from a mathematical point of view


About the research

Each of us began as a single cell, which eventually "multiplied" through cell division into two cells, four cells, and so on. Sounds pretty mathematical, doesn't it? It is not surprising that Jan Rombouts (KU Leuven) studies the cell cycle not from biological point of view, but by using mathematics. By casting the cell cycle into mathematical equations, he wants to help biological scientists gain more insight in the wondrous functioning of the cell.

Jan Rombouts
KU Leuven

What can mathematics tell us about the real world? This question drives Jan Rombouts' research. Trained as a mathematician, Jan decided he wanted to apply the abstract world of numbers and equations to biological questions. He currently works on his PhD at KU Leuven, where he studies how mathematical modeling can reveal something about the remarkable regularity of the cell cycle, a process which is fundamental for all of life.