Chemo also affects the brain


About the research

Chemotherapy affects the brains of patients. It can lead to cognitive complaints, stress, and fatigue. Clinical psychologist Michelle Melis (KU Leuven) achieves promising results with mindfulness in patients with breast cancer. 

Michelle is still looking for people who would like to contribute to her research. Are you / do you know anyone like that? Be sure to share this video.

Michelle Melis
FWO - KU Leuven

Michelle Melis has always been driven by her ambition to improve the quality of life of others. Therefore, she volunteered in several projects for people with disabilities. As a clinical psychologist, she developed a special interest in disorders of the brain. This triggered her to do research about the impact of mindfulness on cancer-related cognitive impairment at KU Leuven. This way, she hopes to improve the quality of life of many patients.​

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