Citizens and government: a game without rules?


About the research

Did you know that there is no clear, general regulation in Belgium that regulates the relationship between citizen and government? In contrast to, for example, the Netherlands, where such a general administrative law act does exist, in Belgium we currently rely on vague, unwritten principles supplemented by specific legislation. This has led to a jumble of rules. That tangle is what Dennis Fransen wants to help unravel. Through his research he wants to contribute to a general administrative law code in Belgium and Flanders.

Dennis Fransen

During his law studies at UHasselt, Dennis Fransen developed a passion for everything that has to do with the law of the government. He is particularly interested in the complex division of powers within the federal state of Belgium. Since October 2017 he has been working at the Centre for Government and Law (UHasselt), where he is preparing a thesis under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Steven Van Garsse and Prof. Dr. Jan Theunis.

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