Closing the gaps in migration data


About the research

Migration is often seen as something 'negative', and as a 'modern' phenomenon. But migration has always been a part of humanity and comes with many positive effects, as Ahmad Wali Ahmad Yar (VUB) argues. "But in order to better understand migration, we need accurate data". That's why he is trying to close the gaps in migration data.

Ahmad Wali Ahmad-Yar

Ahmad Wali Ahmad-Yar started working on migration back in 2012 with the UNHCR and ever since, he has worked with several organisations on different aspects of human migration. Working closely with humanitarian organisations, extensive research and deep expertise in the field of migration make him a passionate researcher in the field. His PhD at the VUB focuses on theoretical and data gaps in migration research. His research strives to reappraise the assumptions on the quality of data by analysing the gaps and comparing the definitions at different levels such as legislation, data collecting institutes, countries, Europe and at the international scale.

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