Clues to finding the right food


About the research

"You are what you eat" That's why Christine Yung Hung is dedicating her research to improving consumers’ food choice and behaviour. At the center of her research is an important and helpful, yet sometimes overlooked tool: the food label, where consumers can find relevant health claims.  

Christine Yung Hung

‘You are what you eat’. Christine Yung Hung has taken this saying so seriously that she builds a career around it. Her work aims to improve consumers’ food choice and behaviour in a way that matches with their preferences, using interdisciplinary approaches such as food labelling, product reformulation, and dietary strategies. Christine’s passion for foods fortunately did not gain her weight as she states, but a PhD in Applied Biological Sciences: Food Science and Nutrition. She worked as a nutritionist specialized in functional foods and dietary supplements (industry), and is a voluntary researcher in the domain of obesity and cancer (NGO). Now she is a post-doctoral assistant at UGent, continues with more research and teaching, indeed, about foods.

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