Cognition enhancers: key in the recovery of MS patients?


About the research

When we think of MS patients, we often think of people in a wheelchair. This is because multiple sclerosis is a so-called neurodegenerative disorder, a disease that affects brain functions. MS affects the transmission of signals from our brains to our muscles. This reduces the motor functions of the patients, as a result of which they often end up in a wheelchair. Together with her UHasselt colleagues, Melissa Schepers is determined to banish that image of people with MS in a wheelchair to the past. She studies cognitive enhancers, medicines that have proven their worth in other diseases, and that could prove to be key in recovery of MS patients. 

Melissa Schepers
FWO - UHasselt

Solving challenging research questions in health and disease was the trigger for Melissa Schepers to study biomedical sciences at the University of Hasselt. During summer holidays she worked in a rest home where she was confronted with the impact of neurodegenerative diseases on patients as well as on their families and friends. That is why she chose to study molecular and functional recovery in multiple sclerosis in the group of Professor Niels Hellings and Professor Jos Prickaerts. A research she is able to conduct thanks to funding from the Charcot foundation, the Flemish and Belgian MS League and the Transnational University of Limburg.

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