Cracking the genetic code of blood cancer multiple myeloma


About the research

Cracking codes, it's a thing in escape rooms. But it is also what Bénedith Oben (University of Hasselt) tries, albeit in the laboratory. In this way, she hopes to find the key to better understand the development of multiple myeloma, a common blood cancer.

Benedith Oben

Because of her endless interest in science and the workings of the human body, Bénedith Oben quickly made the step to biomedical sciences. After her internship at the Jessa Hospital, Bénedith could not let go of her research into the genomic landscape of pre-stage MGUS of blood cancer multiple myeloma and continued her research in a PhD at the Limburg Clinical Research Centre (LCRC) of UHasselt. With this fundamental knowledge, she hopes to be able to make a contribution to patients in the future.

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