Is the cure for cancer stuck in a jar?


About the research

Have you ever tried to get the last cookie from the bottom of the jar but couldn't quite reach it? Now, what if that cookie can potentially help cure cancer? Wiktoria Wojtaczka (KU Leuven) is investigating terbium, a chemical element that can be turned into a drug for cancer. But the problem she faces in her research is pretty similar to that of the cookie stuck in the jar. 

Wiktoria Wojtaczka
KU Leuven

Wiktoria Wojtaczka is a PhD researcher at KU Leuven and a LISA INT affiliate. Her research focuses on optimising the production of radionuclides, with particular focus on terbium isotopes as they can be used for both therapy and diagnostics in cancer patients. She has graduated from the University of Surrey, UK with an integrated master’s degree in physics. She completed my master’s thesis at the Australian National University studying the production of superheavy elements.

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