Decoding the saxophone's soul with a robot: the power of the mouthpiece

About the research

About the research

The saxophone, a Belgian invention by Adolphe Sax, is nearing its 180th birthday, but evolution has stalled in the last 100 years. Until now! Enis Ukshini (UAntwerp) built a saxophone robot, a fully automatic saxophone virtuoso. The robot will help him make better mouthpiece shapes, which are key to the sax's unique sound.

Enis Ukshini

From a young age, playing with different musical instruments and computers sparked Enis's fascination with the science of sound. His studies in civil engineering eventually led him to pursue a PhD in physics. Currently, Enis's research focuses on visualizing sound in the saxophone mouthpiece, aiming to prepare and revolutionize this musical instrument for the 21st century. By combining a love for music and acoustics, he strives to develop a saxophone that merges traditional craftsmanship with modern scientific advancements.