Detecting cardiovascular diseases in the supermarket

About the research

3 billion times. That's how many times a heart beats on average in a lifetime. Unfortunately, that does not apply to everyone. As many as one in 10 Belgians die prematurely from cardiovascular disease. Nicholas Cauwenberghs (KU Leuven) wants to do something about this. Using a user-friendly kit, he wants to enlist the help of medically untrained volunteers to help determine your risk of cardiovascular disease, for example in the supermarket. So who knows, maybe you will soon have your heart checked in the supermarket or perhaps you will volunteer to fight against cardiovascular disease!

Nicholas Cauwenberghs
KU Leuven

Nicholas Cauwenberghs is a scientist from KU Leuven who is fascinated by the engine of our body: the heart. He puts his heart into finding better ways to prevent and diagnose heart diseases. From simple blood tests to complex imaging procedures, he's on it! Why? So we can better estimate a person’s risk for heart disease and keep everyone’s heart healthy.

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