Didy, the epileptic zebrafish


About the research

It's hard to imagine, but zebrafish and humans are very much alike. In fact, we share 70% of our DNA with these tiny fish. This makes zebrafish very interesting for research purposes. At the KU Leuven Annelii Ny uses zebrafish for her research on epilepsy. Thanks to genetically engineered zebrafish such as Didy, she hopes to find new drugs to treat these patients. 

Annelii Ny
KU Leuven

Dr. Annelii Ny works as an innovation manager at the laboratory for Molecular Biodiscovery at KU Leuven. The laboratory uses a zebrafish platform to develop more efficient and safer drugs for people suffering from epilepsy. Annelii contributes by facilitating collaborations and fee-for-service contracts between the lab and industry/academia.

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