Feeding your superhero bacteria with prebiotics


About the research

Your gut is filled with 'superhero' bacteria that help you maintain your body in a healthy way. These superheroes rely on prebiotics; compounds that help them grow. Karina Rios Rios (VITO) is looking for such prebiotics in unsuspected resources: in agricultural and forestry residues. Find out how she wants to help you feed your superhero bacteria.

Karina Rios Rios

Karina Rios Rios always had an inclination towards studying science and techonology. Her motivation remains clear since we can see the positive impact of this binomial (science and techonology) in our daily lives. Currently, her PhD is about the production of prebiotics from agricultural and forestry residues. "It is amazing to give a second chance to these materials and even confer them an added value. Undoubtedly, the more I learn, the more motivation I have to continue my research."

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