Forgotten war heroes


About the research

On Armistice Day we traditionally commemorate the tens of thousands of fallen soldiers of WWI & WW II. But what happened to the almost 200,000 disabled soldiers and civilians of the world wars?  In her PhD, Marisa De Picker (KU Leuven) studies the reintegration of these war invalids. 🎖 ♿️ 

Marisa De Picker
KU Leuven

Marisa De Picker is a Ph.D. Student at the Centre for the History of Education of KU Leuven (Belgium). She was a history enthusiast since she was a child and as an adolescent, she wrote several historical short stories for writing contests in Belgium and the Netherlands. Then she received a Master’s degree in History and a Postgraduate degree in Information and Library Science at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). At the moment Marisa is preparing a dissertation on re-education and employment assistance for persons with physical disabilities in Belgium between 1908 and 1958. She focuses on three large groups in society: children and young adults with congenital impairments or illnesses; victims of work accidents; and disabled soldiers and civilians of the First and Second World War. 

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