How and when can advertising unconsciously influence us?


About the research

"Advertising"? I'm not susceptible to ads!" Sounds familiar? Well, think again: Serena D'hooge (University of Ghent) breaks that illusion and tells you more about the simple but very effective advertising technique, called 'evaluative conditioning'.

Serena D'hooge

The main interests of Serena D’Hooge are marketing communication, psychology and mathematics. As a student in communication sciences at Ghent University, she was especially interested in how brand attitudes can be formed by the use of marketing communication techniques. She came to learn about the psychological evaluative conditioning theory: our evaluation of a brand can be influenced by the mere pairing of the brand with another emotional appeal. She did her master thesis on this topic and now continues the research as a research and teaching assistant in the same department. As a teaching assistant, she assists courses in interpersonal communication, interdisciplinary consumer theory, market and consumer research and statistical analyses. A perfect combination of her main interests!

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