How can we build the batteries of the future?


About the research 

Can you imagine a future where you could travel from Liverpool to London in a fully electric flying taxi in one hour? This could become a reality very soon, but one of the drawbacks is the lack of batteries that can store enough energy to make this possible. That's why Andrea Pitillas (Imec - KU Leuven) is working on the batteries of the future. 

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Andrea Itziar Pitillas Martinez
imec - KU Leuven - UGent


Andrea Pitillas has always been interested in the fields of renewable energies as well as in energy storage systems since she considers them essential for the development of a more sustainable future. For that reason, she obtained her master’s degree in Energy Storage in 2017. Currently, she is pursuing here PhD towards improving the current battery technology by using nanotechnology. She is hoping to contribute towards the usage of electric vehicles as well and renewable energies by developing the batteries of the future.

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