How can we make hearing implants smarter?


About the research

A cochlear implant makes it possible for the deaf and hearing impaired to hear well. It's a wonderful invention, but such an implant requires quite some visits to specialized audiologist to properly set it up and to keep the device up to date. Luckily Ben Somers and his colleagues have come up with an ingenious solution.  

Ben Somers
FWO - KU Leuven


Ben Somers is fascinated by the interaction between human and machine. That is why, after finishing his electrical engineering studies, he didn’t have to think twice to start a PhD research on cochlear implants with funding form the FWO. He is convinced that interdisciplinarity is a big advantage in scientific research, and therefore cooperates with doctors and audiologists to develop new measurement techniques that will make cochlear implants smarter and more effective.

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