How can we teach student-teachers to deal with aggressive behavior in class?


About the research

"You're a bad teacher and your class is absolute bullsh*t!". Novice teachers often don't know how to deal with this kind of verbal-aggressive behavior, partly because it's not yet sufficiently addressed in their education. To address this, Delphine Franco (University of Ghent) is working on a step-by-step plan and online simulations with which teachers can practice how to de-escalate aggressive situations in the classroom.

Delphine Franco

Encountering some inspiring teachers in both her primary and secondary school made Delphine Franco wonder about the underlying mechanism that makes one a 'good' teacher. She, therefore, decided to study pedagogy. After a few years in the work field, she returned to academia as a PhD-student. Her research at the Department of Educational Studies (Ghent University) dovetails with her initial interests. She currently investigates if and how student-teachers can be trained to deal with aggression in the classroom by the use of simulations. In this way, she prepares future teachers to better respond to aggressive incidents in their classrooms.

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