How does the brain create a memory?


About the research

To have a conversation and interact in a meaningful way, you have to be constantly aware of what has already been said. You have to remember the recent past. But how does that work? How does our brain create a memory? That's what Lies Deceuninck (Imec - KU Leuven) is researching with the help of some little friends. 

Lies Deceuninck
FWO - imec - KU Leuven

The main motivation for Lies Deceuninck to study Physics was to unravel the unifying principles that explain diverse phenomena in nature. After obtaining her Master in Biophysics she used this curiosity to investigate the unifying principles that regulate the functioning of the brain, with short-term memory as a model. In 2019 she obtained a FWO PhD fellowship for fundamental research.

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