How to feel at home in a strange place


About the research

Imagine you are forced to flee your home and have to resettle in a strange place. Awful, isn't it? Well, every day 44,000 people are forced to leave their homes... Tian Shi looks at how Hmong people, an Indochinese refugee group, settled in Europe in the 1970's after the Vietnam war. She wants to know how they build a home in a new place.

Tian Shi
KU Leuven

It was not a coincidence that Tian Shi was fascinated by immigration and integration because her family had moved to various cities for their works when she was a child, and these personal experiences nourished her understanding of mobility, inclusion, and solidarity. Her current Ph.D. research in IMMRC, KU Leuven focuses on the function of emotions in refugee resettlement in West Europe: how the Indochinese refugees support each other emotionally to make a home in a new place as well as to get into local society.

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