How to get your school moving


About the research

Children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 17 should exercise 60 minutes per day. Despite physical education classes at school, the majority of our children does not meet that target. Rosalie Coolkens (KU Leuven) investigates how schools can ensure that children are able to exercise for one hour every day.

Rosalie Coolkens
KU Leuven

Rosalie Coolkens combines two diplomas: in 2013 she obtained a master's degree in Physical Education and Physical Movement Sciences from the KU Leuven and one year later she completed a physical education teacher training course at the same university. That same year, she started her PhD research within the physical activity, fitness and health research group at the Faculty of Movement Sciences in Leuven. In her PhD, she researches how physical education can be extended to afternoon sports in primary school. She studies how physical education can contribute to the development of a physically active lifestyle among young school children by practising learned skills and activities in afternoon sport sessions. 

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