How lung cancer leaves useful traces in the blood


About the research

Every year about 8,000 people in Belgium develop lung cancer. These people may get the same diagnosis, but their bodies react differently. These differences in reactions can be seen in their blood. Elien Derveaux (Universiteit Hasselt) examines whether, on the basis of these differences, we can predict which treatment is most suitable for the patient.

Elien Derveaux

After being triggered by many adventurous nature walks and visits to other cultures, Elien Derveaux decided to study Biochemistry and Biotechnology to try to understand more of the essence of life. Two great internships at KMDA and SCK-CEN paved the way towards a great interest in molecular biology. After working several years at Janssen Pharmaceutica, she decided to make a career switch and applied for a PhD position studying metabolomics in patients with non-small cell lung carcinoma. As such she tries to improve the life of as many people as possible.

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