How to make AI rule(s)?


About the research

"What if I told you that the way you spend your money, reveals aspects of your mental health, such as anxiety or depression. We can make this connection by using Artificial Intelligence to analyze the thousands of transactions that people make." Yanou Ramon (UAntwerp - FWO) explains how to make AI rule(s) in this video, in order to provide treatment to people who need it most.

Yanou Ramon
FWO - UAntwerpen

Yanou Ramon is passionate about predictive analytics to study human behavior, with the goal of improving decision-making in business and society. In her current PhD research at the University of Antwerp, she develops algorithms to explain prediction models and individual predictions from the fine-grained digital footprints that people leave behind, like payment data or web browsing data. Her work contributes to a future where AI is “explainable” instead of “black box”, so that we can understand, audit, and improve how models make predictions, and exploit the full potential of AI systems both in practice and academia.

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