How to make renewable energy flow through Europe?


About the research

The production of renewable energy has increased significantly in recent years. But the sun doesn't always shine as brightly, nor does the wind always blow. Fortunately, we can exchange electricity between different countries. This way, Germany can benefit from the Spanish sun and Spain from the German wind. But international trade unfortunately isn't that straightforward... Michiel Kenis (VITO - KU Leuven - EnergyVille) explains why and what he is trying to do about it in this video.

Michiel Kenis
KU Leuven - VITO

Sustainable innovation is what drives Michiel Kenis. An enormous curiosity and the urge to understand complex processes better made Michiel a civil engineer. In his doctorate, he works on the interface between energy technology and energy economics. The laws of physics and economics can clash. With his research, Michiel is making a determined contribution to the better integration of renewable energy.

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