How microscopy unravels the secrets of drugs and their targets


About the research

Of the 100 potential drugs that companies develop, only a small fraction make it to your medicine cabinet. The majority are rejected after disappointing cell and animal tests. Stijn Dilissen (Uhasselt) is working on a method to find out more quickly and cheaply whether a drug will work or not. He explains how this works in this video.

Stijn Dilissen

Science has inspired Stijn Dilissen from an early age. From reading encyclopaedias to experimenting with his toy microscope and telescope, he explored science to the full. Stijn is interested in futuristic methods that can be applied in microscopy research. As a PhD student, Stijn is developing new approaches to finding drugs more accurately and quickly by using artificial cell devices and modern microscopy technology. His research will provide a strong basis for future drug design, which may lead to faster and cheaper drug development.

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