How similar is the vocabulary of different language varieties?


About the research

A 'vector', isn't that something for mathematicians and physicists? Linguist Weiwei Zhang (KU Leuven) proves the opposite. She uses vectors to study related words and synonyms that appear in different language variants, such as "subway" in American English and "underground" in British English.

Weiwei Zhang
KU Leuven

Weiwei Zhang is a post-doc researcher in linguistics. She pursued a PhD at KULeuven in 2013 where she developed her interest in language variation and change. She devotes special attention to the methodological challenges in the prior research on the dynamics of the languages. In her current MSCA research project “Measuring Convergence and Divergence in Varieties of Chinese: A Lectometric Approach”, she aims to further develop computational methods to measure lexical diversity in different geographic communities of Chinese.

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