Infrastructure for dispersed regions: qualitative and sustainable?


About the research

5 million Flemings do not live in a city centre, but in villages or city outskirts. This fragmentation creates a major challenge: how do you connect all these houses to the sewerage network and how do you ensure smooth and sustainable mobility? Should everyone then just move to the city? No, says architect and urban designer Sophie Leemans (KU Leuven). She looks at how we can rebuild and redesign the existing infrastructure so that we can live and work spread out in a high-quality manner.

Sophie Leemans
KU Leuven

Sophie Leemans is passionate about projects at the intersection of architecture and urbanism, with a deep interest in public space and sustainability in the broad sense of the word. Her current PhD research at KU Leuven in Ghent aims to rethink human-nature relationships in dispersed urbanisation. Here, she explores how existing infrastructural networks can create qualities and opportunities for more sustainable dispersed living and working.

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