Internet of water: smarter measurement of Flemish water quality


About the research

Due to climate change, we are experiencing more frequent droughts in Flanders. This causes higher salt levels in our water supplies. And that is a problem because too much saltwater makes it more difficult to make drinking water and also hinders farmers from watering their fields. This is why researchers such as Ruth Vandeputte (VITO) are building the "Internet of Water", a network of sensors that will continuously measure water quality throughout Flanders from 2023 onwards. Ruth tells you more about it.

Ruth Vandeputte

Scuba diving, swimming and kayaking, Ruth Vandeputte is passionate about water during and after working hours. She studied land and water management at Ghent University, and started with measuring water quality abroad. After moving back to Belgium, Ruth is now researching water quality in Flanders. She is part of the project Internet of Water Flanders, in which she is focusing on analysis and modelling of data from water quality sensors.

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