Killing bad bugs!


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Alexander Cambré investigates why bacteria with exactly the same genetic blueprint can still differ from each other. From sour wine, to Egyptians and Romans, to the wonderful discovery of Louis Pasteur some 150 years ago, he tells you all about bad bacteria and how they make us sick. In his research Alexander tries to understand more about the Salmonella bacteria so that we can combat them better.

Alexander Cambré
FWO - KU Leuven

Admiration for the endless ingenuity of natural evolution and a love for engineering triggered Alexander Cambré to become a bio-engineer. His deep interest in how the fundaments of nature work led him to pursue a PhD in which he tries to better understand the differences between bacteria with the same genetic blueprint. Understanding how these differences influence bacterial resistance to disinfection strategies will lead to the development of better methods to kill off bacteria that can make us sick.

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