Killing viruses by looking away from it


About the research

While medicine has come a long way to help HIV-patients, current drugs can't rid these patients of their HIV-infection. The drugs do not cure the infection, but suppress the virus to such an extent that no symptoms of the disease occur. In absence of these drugs the virus could resurface and cause a severe infection. Subha Lakshmi Sharma wants to take the battle against HIV/AIDS one step further and wants to contribute to finding a complete cure for the virus. Something she hopes to achieve by not looking at the virus itself, but by looking away from it.

Subha Lakshmi Sharma
KU Leuven

Diseases and the reasons for their existence drove Subha Lakshmi Sharma to take up Biochemistry in university. At KU Leuven, Subha investigates proteins that are crucial in disease development. Her PhD research encompasses understanding the underlying mechanisms of HIV, causing AIDS and leukemia. By studying the regulation of proteins involved in diseases, she intends to pinpoint precise biological locations that can be targeted to design more efficient future therapies.

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