Left-wing women and competent men?


About the research

Despite a catch-up movement, women are still doing less well than men in elections. While the Flemish Parliament is, with 44 percent women, almost gender balanced, men still dominate the local level. Only 1 in 3 municipal councillors is a woman. Robin Devroe is researching why women underperform electorally. Something to think about before you go to the polling booth?

Robin Devroe

Curious and eager to know, with these words Robin Devroe likes to describe herself. Looking at the outside world with an open mind and interested in the ins and outs of our society…a study in the field of Political Sciences was the obvious choice. Robin is a junior researcher at Ghent University. In her doctoral research, supported by the Flemish Research Organization (FWO), she investigates why women still perform worse than men in elections. On the basis of an experimental research design Robin tries to expose the existence of political gender stereotypes among Flemish voters.

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