Let students examine the past themselves


About the research

History is more than just a series of facts and events. It is also a science that critically examines the past. The research methods used by historians for this purpose are still very useful today. They can help to distinguish real news from fake news. That's why Michiel Voet (UGent) is investigating how we can convince more history teachers to organise research tasks in their classes and thus teach students to use sources in a critical way.

Michiel Voet

As a child Michiel Voet was very fascinated by history. Later on he became more and more interested by learning and teaching, and decided to study pedagogy. His research at the Tecolab of Ghent University brings both interests together: he investigates how history teachers can be trained to organise more research tasks. In this way, they can teach young people to think critically about information, for example in order to unmask fake news.

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