Loose pebbles in the organ of balance will make you dizzy

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About the research

Just behind our ear is our organ of equilibrium, an ingenious system that ensures that we can maintain our balance. But sometimes our organ of balance is tricked and starts to record movements that are not there, which will induce dizziness. This kind of vertigo is exactly what Joke Spildooren is investigating at Hasselt University.

Joke Spildooren

After her PhD in balance, gait and rotation disorders in people with Parkinson's disease, Joke Spildooren worked for 3 years as a physiotherapist at various geriatric departments in the UZ hospital in Leuven. This clinical experience stimulated her interest in balance disorders among the elderly even more, so that she is now researching balance problems in more detail in the REVAL-BIOMED research centre of Hasselt University.

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