Microalgae, a future sustainable food source?


About the research

Bioscience engineer Yixing Sui is a kind of farmer. The 'crop' he is growing? Microalgae! These tiny living organisms a source of many useful nutrients such as proteins and amino acids. They can therefore be an important solution for the growing demand for food in these times of high population growth.

Yixing Sui

Determined to make the world a more sustainable planet, Yixing Sui started his BSc in environmental engineering. After his MSc at Wageningen University (NL) where he focused on microalgal biotechnology treating wastewater, he was completely involved with this fascinating microorganisms-microalgae. During his PhD at UAntwerpen, he has been discovering a different aspect of microalgae to be used as sustainable food sources. By optimizing the cultivation conditions, he is trying to maximize the protein and essential amino acids contents from microalgae.

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