More and healthier strawberries thanks to insect breeders 🍓 🐛


About the research

Insects and fruit, it doesn't seem like a very successful combination. And yet, insect breeders and their 'bugs' can help strawberry farmers to grow more and healthier strawberries. Lise Soetemans (VITO) explains how. 

Lise Soetemans

Once Lise Soetemans decides to take on a new challenge, she does so with great enthusiasm, a goal-oriented focus, and a creative mind. She is a hard worker but also values good colleagues, a pleasant chat, and some humor in the workplace. During her PhD, where a new biorefinery approach for insects was developed, a passion was ignited and her current research is on the potential of insects to strengthen the agricultural sector. This is for her, coming from a farming family, a topic close to her heart.

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