More corn with less fertilizer 🌽


About the research

Fertilization is crucial in agriculture, but over-fertilization causes environmental pollution and all-rich algae growth in our watercourses. Wouldn't it be great if plants and crops could grow well with less fertilizer? Astrid Gadeyne (VIB - Ghent University) wants to take care of this by looking at the proteins, the 'workers' of the plant πŸ‘·πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ 🌱



Astrid Gadeyne
UGent - VIB

As a child, Astrid Gadeyne was fascinated by the butterflies and flowers in the garden and she could always consult her brother and nature guide for more information. Later, during the genetics classes, it was immediately clear that the underlying molecular mechanisms would drive her further into scientific research. In the lab, she unravels the growth of plants and outside she passes on her passion for biology to her children when picking fruit or along the pond.

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