Is my smartphone too loud?


About the research

Do you often listen to music with headphones or earphones? Then prick up your ears for the research of Tom De Neve (Arteveldehogeschool). He wants to make sure that you can listen to music safely, without damaging your hearing. With a miniature microphone, he measures the sound pressure level in the ears of different people. Because just as one set of headphones is not the same as another, neither is one ear the same as another.

Tom De Neve

After 15 years of practice in the fitting of hearing aids and implants in combination with a teaching assignment at the audiology department of the Artevelde University College, I had the opportunity to spend more time on research in the past 2 years. My research focus is mainly on hearing aid fitting and prevention within audiology (hearing protection/safe listening). I hope my research can contribute to ensuring that my children can also enjoy their favorite music safely throughout their lives. Contact:

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