No dirty glasses anymore!


About the research

Pieter Verding (Hasselt University) wants to make your life easier. His goal: to make sure you no longer have to clean your windows or glasses. How? Well, by optimizing a technology called "ultrasonic spray coating" which will make it possible to develop self-cleaning coatings. Cool fact: this technology sprays droplets that small that gravity does not have any influence on them. How cool is that?

New materials
Pieter Verding
FWO - UHasselt

As a child, Pieter Verding's grandfather told him “you need to learn until all your fingers have the same length”. In this way, he was stimulated early on to always keep a curious and explorative mindset. What attracted Pieter to do research at the faculty of engineering, is that it allows him to explore the limits of science and engineering. Pieter has a desire to go beyond and venture the unknown, to pioneer and become an expert. This desire presented itself clearly to him during his Master’s thesis in which he worked on the research question “How can you characterize the speed and size of droplets during their flight from an ultrasonic spray coater?”. No one has ever been able to fully analyze these droplets, but Pieter managed to design and build a working setup for it.

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