Our sex can't be put in a box


About the research 

"It's really a woman", claimed a proud Belgian King Filip, at the time Prince, in 2001 when announcing the birth of his first daughter, Princess Elisabeth. Unfortunately, unlike Elisabeth, not every baby is born with a clear sex. Dorien Baetens researches this phenomenon, also called disorders of gender development. In this way she hopes to be able to contribute to breaking the taboo that still rests on these conditions.

Dorien Baetens

From an early age Dorien Baetens had a great interest in the human body and her favourite of biology. She dreamt of becoming a doctor, as in MD. It only became clear later that she would eventually become a doctor, as in PhD. Dorien obtained her master's degree in biomedical sciences from Ghent University in 2012, after which she moved on to a PhD. Nowadays she works as a post-doctoral researcher in the Centre for Medical Genetics. In collaboration with the UZGent DSD team, Dorien tries to clarify the molecular causes of sex development disorders.

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