Pathology-predicting proteins


About the research

Imagine being sick and simply being able to ask your body what's going on and what it needs to get better. Well, the proteins in our body can tell us that. But it takes a long time for us to understand what they're saying. With his tool,, bioinformatician Joris Van Houtven (VITO - Hasselt University) is determined to speed up that process!

Joris Van Houtven
UAntwerpen - UHasselt - VITO

Armed with the great knowledge of physics, I decided to take a more practical turn to bio-informatics. To me, that's a combination of IT (my lifelong passion) and biotechnology (a very hot research field). After graduating from KU Leuven, I was tempted to pursue a PhD at UHasselt, where I could work on two unique projects: one practical and one exploratory and investigative. Both are in proteomics, which concerns identifying and quantifying large volumes of proteins in a biological sample. With the QCQuan project, I hope to enable such experiments to be conducted at large scale without the bioinformatician having to revise every single data set.

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