Personalized medicine using computer chip technology


About the research

"Why is it that there are so many different sizes of clothes?  Simple, because one size cannot fit all. But how come our medical treatments  are not customized and tailored to each patients biological needs?" That's what Mihir Gupta is working on at imec and KU Leuven: using computer chip technology to personalize medicine. 

Mihir Gupta
imec - KU Leuven

After finishing master's degree in microelectronics (NTU, Singapore), Mihir Gupta wanted to move towards interdisciplinary research and learn more about the application side of micro/nanotechnology, that can be utilized to advance the healthcare sector. He started his research as a PhD student at KU Leuven and imec in 2016, working on how to use nanotechnology (transistors) to electrically sense biomolecules like proteins and DNA. Understanding DNA and proteins is important not just for the diagnosis of a disease, but also for monitoring the re-occurrence and to prevent it from being passed on to the next generation.

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