Playing, learning and going out with your family. Even if you are 'different'!


About the research

For children with autism or attention or motor disorders, it is quite a challenge to participate in activities such as playing tag, taking a test, or staying over at a friend's house. Marieke Coussens & her colleagues mapped the barriers such young children face. "It is important that everyone, from teachers to scout leaders to friends, learn more about these disorders. That way, they can break down those barriers and help these children to truly participate."

Marieke Coussens
Arteveldehogeschool - UGent

Marieke Coussens (°1977) is an energetic, creative spirit who combines a critical view with common sense in the right dose. By combining a private practice as an occupational therapist, teaching at Arteveldehogeschool, and her work at Ghent University as a postdoctoral researcher in the department of rehabilitation sciences, she tries to make the bridge between the work field and the academic world.

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