Producing bioplastics with heat-loving bacteria


About the research

Did you know that some bacteria can be used to produce a kind of bioplastic? This biodegradable plastic could become a sustainable alternative for the current petroleum-based plastics, but at the moment the cost of the production of this bacterial bioplastic is still too high. Microbiologist Radwa Moanis (VUB) explains why turning to heat-loving bacteria might solve this problem 🦠 🌡

Radwa Moanis

During her childhood, Radwa Moanis was always curious about universe and studying astronomy. By getting older her curiosity was shifted from studying the ultimate huge universe to dive into the world of the tinniest organisms: bacteria and their applications. Her current PhD research in VUB is to study bioplastics production from heat-loving bacteria in the context of creating an environmentally friendly alternative to petroleum-based plastics to help in creating a cleaner and a more sustainable world.

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