Projecting holograms


About the research

What if we could offer heart surgeons true 3D-representations of their patient's heart instead of having them rely on 2D imaging such as CT scans for complex surgery? Anabel De Proft (imec - KU Leuven) is working on technology to project such 'holograms'.

Anabel De Proft
imec - KU Leuven

Anabel De Proft grew up next to the KU Leuven Science Campus and imec, learning early on that micro-electronics could not only change our computers, but also our entire society as we know it by revolutionizing healthcare, transportation and access to technology for everyone. She wanted to contribute to this ambitious plan for the future and got her engineering degree. After working and learning abroad about micro-electronics for healthcare for a few years, she joined the KU Leuven and imec club, now pursuing her PhD in nano-photonics. She is trying to bend and shape colored light in ways we are not yet able to. As a happy Leuvenaar, she's proud to be part of this international research scene right in her hometown.

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